The great facilitator resource swap!

Anyone working to provide professional development for teachers begins to develop their own set of useful links and resources. Let's share these with each other to make all of our jobs just that little bit easier! You can simply copy and paste in links to resources, upload files or embed resources you have used successfully. There are instructions on how to do all of those things within Wikispaces on the 'Web 2.0 instructions' page.

Effective online videos

Many people use videos as a warm-up, a way to introduce a new idea or concept or just as a way to have a laugh and break the ice. Add your favourite video links you have used below (instructions for embedding can be found on the 'Web 2.0 instructions page - if you don't feel comfortable doing this then just add the hyperlink). There is an area in ICT PD where we collect useful media and anything you add here will be added to this collection as well.

Video Subject
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Progressive Education in the 1940s

Suzie Vesper - Use to start a discussion around the changing face of education and how this tends to be cyclic at times. Could be useful when looking at the New Zealand Curriculum.
15th Century Email

Deirdre Senior - An interesting starter to consider the integration of ICTs - are we still doing old things with the new tools?
Lost Generation

Martin Hughes - At start of presentation to provoke people - a strategy I then talk about in my session - Provoke, Provide (vocabulary), Promote (questioning)
Commoncraft Video series - RSS in Plain English (embedded example)

Rochelle Jenson - In professional learning it is important that we provide multiple opportunities for teachers to learn (Teacher Professional Learning, BES, 2007, pg. 84), this video clip is one of those opportunities – presents the same message in a different way.
People in order (of ages)

Jane Nichols - An example of how a simple idea can tell a powerful story

Useful website links

What sites have you found the most useful in your role as a facilitator of adults?
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NZ classroom blog directory
Deirdre Senior - A list of New Zealand classroom blogs that teachers can use to find examples of blogs and to build networks. You can also add your own blogs here.
Dave Winter - schools need to subscribe to use this site but it is a one stop resource for facilitators in any capacity.

Hooked on Thinking
Rochelle Jensen - Digistore is a huge resource for schools with a number of digital learning objects that teachers can integrate into teaching and learning.
Hooked on Thinking is a wiki set up by Pam Hook and Julie Mills that looks at how to structure activities using SOLO taxonomy.

Presentations you have made

You can share these using online tools such as Slideshare. You will need an account with Slideshare and then upload your presentation there to embed in this wiki. We do prefer that people don't upload presentations directly to this wiki as it uses up a lot of file space.

Software or skills based handouts

Many of us spend a long time creating handouts to use during workshops and sessions. Teachers tend to appreciate have a resource they can refer back to after the session. Facilitators were asked to share some of these on the Facilitator Tips wiki and these are below. Please continue to add your own (you need to be a member of this wiki to upload a file - see Web 2.0 instruction page if you need help uploading).

Upload your handouts here!

Links to sites with handouts

Check out Sara Taylor's wiki for a large number of high quality handouts on a range of ICT topics.
There are a number of files uploaded to the 'Facilitator Tips' wiki
Suzie Vesper's Scribd account contains a number of downloadable handouts (click on widget below)