Welcome to the facilitation strategies module! This module will initially happen over a three week period with opportunities for interaction through the completion of tasks and invitations to attend real time virtual meetings with others involved in facilitation. After the three weeks, this wiki will remain online as an ongoing resource and opportunity.

Monday 15th June to Friday 3rd July
One hour live event for cluster facilitators and lead teachers - Thursday 25th June at 4:30pm

Who would benefit from completing this module:
Anyone working with adults to achieve common goals or to support training e.g. cluster facilitators, lead teachers, cluster directors, and principals.

Navigating through the module:
The links to the left of the wiki will take you through the content and activities contained within this module. You can work through these at your own pace. Where there are virtual meetings organised, these will be at set times. You need to follow the instructions on the appropriate wiki page to join these sessions. Please join the 'Getting to know you' page to let us all know a little bit about yourself and your role.

Use of web 2.0 technologies in the module:
The tasks contained within this module will at times make use of web 2.0 tools to help encourage interaction and participation. Being able to use these may involve you setting up a free account with that tool. You are encouraged to explore these tools as part of your learning. If this is an area of new learning for you, you may choose to do this module with a friend or colleague who can support your new learning. A link to resources to support you with the use of these tools is included in the navigation on the left hand side of the wiki and will be embedded where appropriate. If you need more support with the use of any tools, contact suzie.vesper@core-ed.net phone 021337430 or tessa.gray@core-ed.net