Image Attributions

All images used on this site were licensed through Creative Commons and found on Flickr. I used the Flickr search engine Compfight to locate them as I can restrict my search to find only Creative Commons images using this tool. A condition of using Creative Commons images is to acknowledge the source of the images and that is the purpose of this wiki page.

Images used in the Home page banner

10-group-10 by 'AlphachimpStudio'
Round-10 Howells by 'AlphachimpStudio'
08-groups-79 by 'AlphachimpStudio'
08-groups-76 by 'AlphachimpStudio'
Facilitation avec Post-It by 'jsbouchard'
Dot detail by 'cogdogblog'
Good Gym team by 'Aleksi Aaltonen'

Encouraging Interaction page

Breaking the ice by 'marcelgermain'
LuMaxArt GREYGUY016 by 'lumaxart' Also see blog
056_torres21 by 'MEL' (no longer available online)
Stressed? by 'Librarian by Day'

Presentation Skills page

071017_b_111 by 'Social Enterprise Coalition'