Introduction to the module

Welcome to the Facilitation Strategies module! Note: The term 'facilitator' used throughout this module does not just refer to cluster facilitators - it refers to anyone working with adults to achieve common goals or to support training e.g. cluster facilitators, lead teachers, cluster directors, and principals.

Guiding questions for this module:

  • What is the role of a facilitator?
  • What are the needs of adult learners? What specific learning needs do teachers have as learners?
  • What does the research say about effective professional development design?
  • What are practical tips to enable the smooth running of face-to-face professional development?
  • How can facilitators effectively communicate their message when presenting?
  • What is the role of a facilitator in an online environment and how can an effective community of practice be established online?
  • How can we as facilitators contribute to the wider ICT PD community?

Overall goals and expectations for this module:

Participants to
  • introduce yourself on the Getting to Know You page at the beginning of the module.
  • use the resources contained within each section to complete all / some tasks related to that section.
  • reflect on your own practice in relation to the research.
  • develop strategies to employ with other participants in the module through the tasks.
  • post comments or engage in further dialogue with your National Facilitator or others in your cluster.
  • engage with web 2.0 tools you may not yet have utilised as a mean of processing your reflection or sharing your ideas.