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  • Hi all - I'm Suzie Vesper and I am on the National Facilitator team. In my role, I work with clusters in Auckland and often run workshops at conferences. Before joining CORE, I was also an ICT lead teacher within a school and a cluster facilitator. I am keen to pick up new ideas of what works when working with adult learners from others that join in to this module.
  • Hi everyone, Marg McLeod here, in print this time. Facilitation is a critical skill, no matter who you are or in what way you are working with others. I think Joan Dalton and David Anderson's course called The Art of Facilitation is some of the most powerful learning I have done (2007) There are always new things to learn about yourself and your reaction to others, as well as learning some of the strategies for handling individuals and groups. Suzie has done an amazing job in this module. Hope you enjoy it.
Hi everyone - a bit worried about being the first (nerdy) facilitator to join up print-wise but am taking a virtual deep breath and here I am! My name's Indira Neville and I'm the Principal of Mulberry Grove School and the Facilitator for the Great Barrier Island ICT PD Cluster. I am interested specifically I guess in becoming more effective at juggling my duel roles within the cluster -How can I be an effective Facilitator without raving too much about my own role as Principal? How can I effectively critique but ultimately support the other Principals as they lead learning within their schools? I am also interested in upskilling in the area of 'virtual facilitation' that is engaging and supporting adult learners when I can't be with them face-to-face.

Yes I really do look like this....
Hello Indira! Thanks for adding yourself to the introduction page - great to have someone to 'break the ice' - Suzie Vesper
  • Hi, as a first time lead teacher this is a bit daunting. My name is Debbie Currie and I teach at Matamata Intermediate. I am hoping this module will support my own journey and help me lead others on theirs!

  • Greetings, My name is Andrew Thompson, I work at Stoke School in the Whakatu cluster in Nelson. I'm giving everything a go at the moment so have just tried a voicethread, hope my students will sound better than I do on it!!!! I'd agree with Debbie's comment above; it is a bit daunting.

Hi there Debbie and Andrew - thanks for joining in and giving it a go! Working online can be daunting but glad to see you both taking the plunge - Suzie Vesper