Live meeting - Thursday 25th June at 4:30pm

Replay the meeting

You can hear everything that was said at this meeting by visiting the link below. The link to the minutes is a record of everything that was said in the chat window.

Here are some of the topics that were covered during the meeting:
  • How to get everyday teachers on board and not to overwhelm them or have them think of integration of ICT as a chore.
  • Putting learning first and the tools second.
  • After introduction of a learning tool (blogs in this discussion), how to get everyone on a staff using these effectively.
  • How to help teachers embed e-learning into their classroom programme rather than see it as an extra.
  • ePortfolios for students and for teachers.
  • How to capture evidence and examples of e-learning to share with staff.
  • How to encourage staff to be self-sufficient and less reliant on us as facilitators.
  • What needs to be considered when students are working in an online environment (discussion led at this point by Dorothy Burt).

external image flashmeeting1.jpgThere is a meeting organised for all those who work with adults as facilitators with a specific focus on cluster facilitators and lead teachers. This will be a chance for to discuss issues, network and glean ideas from those who have experience in this area. The meeting will take approximately one hour.

The meeting has been organised in Flashmeeting. Instructions on how to use Flashmeeting will give you support on how to use this online tool.

To join this meeting, just click on the link below about 10 minutes before the 4:30pm start time to allow yourself time to set up an account. Having an account means that we can see your name when you are in the meeting and you get some options that those without accounts can't access.

Topics for discussion

Add anything you'd like us to cover this meeting to the space below
  • Suzie Vesper - I'm keen to discuss some ethical issues raised by Dorothy and Russell Burt around using online technologies that we are often promoting in schools. Here is a link to a summary of some of these issues:
  • Sue West - I'd like to talk about expectations for teachers re- eLearning. I'm interested to discuss ways that full-time classroom teachers can be encouraged to not feel so worried about shifting the knowledge power from themselves to their students I'd like some input to assist with some tools and strategies so that full-time classroom teachers don't feel overwhelmed by too much stuff.
  • What successful strategies have you used to support teachers in your facilitation roles?
  • What are the common issues you come up against and does anyone have useful tips for these?
  • How useful have you found this facilitation module for you in your role? What other types of support would you appreciate?

Signup sheet

Please add your details to the table below if you plan to be at this meeting. There is only room for 25 participants in the meeting space but if there is a large demand, there will be a second room set up. Note that an area for discussion topics is below the table where you sign up. All full up now! Look forward to talking soon.
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Suzie Vesper
National Facilitator for CORE Education (and previously cluster facilitator and lead teacher)
Toni Twiss
Facilitator Matamata College - Director of eLearning Hillcrest High
Dorothy Burt
EHSAS facilitator from Manaiakalani Cluster, Pt England School
Jane Nicholls
Curriculum Online Editor for CORE Education (and previous cluster facilitator)
Allanah King
Primary School Teacher (previously ICT facilitator for Tasman Schools for a year)
Yaron Overeem
ICT PD Facilitator, Whangarei South Cluster
Amanda Signal
ICT Lead Teacher in eastnet Cluster
Eric Martini
ICT PD Facilitator - West Coast (SI)
Lenva Shearing
ICT PD Facilitator - Bucklands Beach Cluster
Barbara Reid
ICT PD Facilitator - Eastern Arterial Cluster - Hamilton
Donna Dyet
ICT PD Facilitator - Coalface cluster
Pauline McLeod
ICT PD Facilitator - WaiLite cluster
Belinda Johnston
ICT PD Facilitator - Eastnet Cluster
Victoria Fair
Year 0/1 ICT Lead Teacher - Shelly Park School, Eastnet Cluster
Sue West
eLearning Learner Learning to Learn with you Learners - Mulberry Grove School rocks!
√Źndira Neville
Principal Mulberry Grove School, GBI Cluster Facilitator, Sue West fan
Tessa Gray
National Facilitator for CORE Education
Barbara Wenn
ICTPD Facilitator - X-Roads Cluster
Kellie McRobert
eLearning Lead teacher, Nayalnd Primary School, Nelson
Karilyn Cribb
eLearning Support teacher; Broadgreen Intermediate School, Nelson
Emma Watts
Lead E-Learning teacher at Tahunanui School, Nelson
Martin Herring
e-learning lead teacher, Nelson Christian Academy, Nelson
Alison Payne
eLearning support teacher, Nayland Primary School, Nelson
Jan Collier
CoroNet eDean/Assistant Principal/LMS facilitator

Andrew Thompson has a prior enjagement (check your calendar first) and cannot be online for this live meeting. Sorry :-( Hi Andrew - no worries! I'll be recording the session and putting a link to it on this page so you will be able to revisit this when you have spare time :-)
Sue Pritchard also leaves apologies for not being able to make the meeting, looking forward to hearing your recorded discussions at a later time though.