Effective professional Development

There are ways to be more effective when running professional development for teachers. This page is a place where you can share some of your expertise as well as read research around best practice.

Sharing your expertise

In the three WallWisher walls below, you can add your own sitcky notes to share ideas related to each of the scenarios. When you click on 'Post a sticky', you will be taken to the WallWisher website where you can double click anywhere on the screen to add your note. Use the back arrow to return to this wiki to see your note on this page (you may need to refresh to see the changes).

Useful resources around best practise

  • The previous module 'Leading Learning' included the reading by Helen Timperley entitled 'Teacher Professional Learning and Development which has a number of key features of effective professional development.
  • Suzie Vesper from CORE Education completed an action research project on what makes for effective technology-based workshops as part of her ICT Diploma back in 2004. The full research report (including a literature review) can be downloaded by clicking this link:

Task: Refining the design of workshops
Reflect on a workshop for staff that you have run or are planning to run in the near future, in conjunction with the findings above. Consider how you could now refine the design of the workshop. Use the discussion tab for any comments you want to make on these findings or to outline issues you have had to deal with in workshops that these findings do not address. Also check out what others are saying in this area to pick up further ideas or respond to queries.