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Thursday, December 4

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    Sue Pritchard
    Fun activity for a workshop to help make presentations more precise
    The Pecha Kucha method is a way to design short and snappy presentations. Below is an example of a Pecha Kucha presentation that explains this method. Basically, it involves having 20 slides in a presentation with exactly 20 seconds per slide (with automatically timed slide transitions). This is a format being used all around the world now for different meetings and events.
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Monday, September 3

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    A; I have been particularly nerdy and am thinking about the role of facilitator in terms of the Key Competencies. I am kinda obsessed by these and have not yet found a context in which I cannot apply them with a reasonable sense of satisfaction. Anyway all the skills discussed in the videa can be attributed to different contexts -Listening, creating a safe environment, leading the process all fall under Participating and Contributing (but not just there). Supporting, summarizing, challenging are methods of Relating to Others, and Trusting the group definitely requires you Manage Yourself. Thinking is the process through which you decide when and how to make any of these things happen. Using Language, Symbols and Text is about your own professional contextual knowledge I guess, something not mentioned in the movie...
    and understanding, ana
    effective communicator,
    to others, able
    to understand
    and pedagogy, a life-longalife-long learner and
    be challenged themselves -themselves- Tessa
    A: Great ideas above - the only other thing I can think of is being well organised and clear about what the objectives are.
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